Support the SOCP with a Donation

Donations are important to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) because we use these funds to help provide ongoing support for a wide range of projects, including habitat protection, rehabilitation projects and orphan care centres.

Why Support Us?

We have a proven record with measurable results in the confiscation and reintroduction of orangutans, in long-term scientific research and monitoring, and the protection of orangutan populations in Sumatra, all in a country with enormous pressure for unsustainable economic development at the expense of wilderness and biodiversity.

Your donations will be used directly for our programmes, allowing us to increase our efforts to protect the remaining wild Sumatran orangutan populations in their natural habitat, and  to continue to confiscate illegally kept orangutans, giving them the chance to return to the wild and creating entirely new wild populations of this Critically Endangered species.

Donations of any size, from individuals and grants from foundations, as well as partnership enquiries are extremely welcome and greatly appreciated.