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Orangutan Haven Education Concept and Masterplan Development Consultant

Orangutan Haven is particularly innovative and exciting new development of PanEco and YEL, located near the large city of Medan, in North Sumatra.

Whilst the initial, primary goal of the Orangutan Haven is to provide 8 unreleasable orangutans with a dramatically improved quality of life, the 50-hectare Orangutan Haven site offers unlimited potential for the provision and dissemination of high quality environmental education programmes and the promotion of sustainable development concepts to a large and highly diverse audience. As such, PanEco and YEL are seeking a consultant to develop an overall "Education Conceptand Masterplan", for this unique and highly innovative new facility.


The following broad objectives represent an overview of the main goals of the consultancy:

  • Develop an overall “Orangutan Haven Education Concept and Masterplan” for that is relevant to the mission and goals of the Orangutan Haven, and appropriate to its field conditions and potential user groups (i.e., a mixed agro-forest landscape with a diverse range of facilities, close to the major conurbation of Medan).
  • Develop concepts for modules and identify resources for teaching key subjects/topics to visiting groups of all levels (primary school to universities, and the more general public).
  • Work closely with the Haven Development Team to develop designs for key facilities, including an “Education Centre”, an “Ecology/Research Centre”, Nature trails, signage and interpretative facilities, etc.
  • Develop concepts for appropriate activities that might engage local communities surrounding the Orangutan Haven to optimise their involvement and support.
  • Assist with forecasting future personnel needs for the Orangutan Haven Education Department as well as operational costs, to facilitate fundraising and upgrading the orangutan Haven Business Plan.
  • Assist with advice for developing a monitoring and evaluation plan for the Orangutan Haven Education Department to implement.

For more details regarding this consultant job vacancy, download this OU Haven education concept development consultant.pdf