Published Media Articles 2011-2013

December 2012

13th Dec – District court of Meulaboh delay Kallista hearing for the secondtime  – by End Of The Icons

8th Dec – Govt urged to protect Batang Toru forest – The Jakarta Post, Medan.

November 2012

27th Nov – Palm Oil Company Fails to Show in Court Case Over Destruction of World Renowned Sumatran Orangutan Stronghold, the Tripa Peat Swamp Forest – Go Articles

October 2012

16th Oct – Sumatran orangutan rescued from palm oil plantations –  The New Zealand Herald

15th Oct – Isolated orangutan rescued in Tripa before he could be poisoned –  Digital Journal

15th Oct – Sumatran Orangutan Rescued in Western Indonesia –  ABC News

`15th Oct – Demand for palm oil, used in packaged food products, leaves orangutans at risk –  NBC News

1st Oct – Aceh revokes permit for controversial oil palm plantation in Sumatra –  Mongabay

September 2012
28th Sept – Aceh Pulls Plug on Kallista Plantation – The Jakarta Globe

25th Sept – Withdrawal of Kalista’s Permit: First time In The History of Aceh–  End Of The Icons

12th Sept – Good News for Species on the Brink of Extinction in Tripa – Understory RAN.ORG

6th Sept – Controversial palm oil lisence issued in Indonesia orangutan forest revoked -by

5th Sept – Motorbikes to apes’ rescue – The Sydney Morning Herald 

August 2012

16th Aug – Orangutan expert visits Oklahoma City Zoo –

12th Aug – It’s either orangutans or cheap palm oil – Free Malaysia Today 

July 2012

23rd July – Environment Ministry Targets Plantation Firms Accused of Sumatra Forest Clearing –  The Jakarta Globe

Jul 10th Graft suspected in palm oil conversion – The Jakarta Post

9th July – Fires in Protected Peat Forest Have Companies Feeling the Heat –  The Jakarta Globe

8th July – All Menyaru wants is to Save Tripa –  Zoos Victoria

June 2012

29th June – Fires threaten to ‘extinguish’ critical Indonesian orangutan population – The Guardian

29th June – Despite moratorium and investigation, fires rage in key Sumatran peat swamp –

19th June – Only 200 Orang Utans Left At Rawa Tripa –

4th June – Sumatran Orangutan Relocated as Forest Clearing Continues –  Environmental News Network (ENN)

May 2012

25th May – Leuser, the Sumatran orangutan shot 62 times – in pictures – The Guardian

4th May – Forests remain under threat from acquisitive industries –  The Jakarta Post

3rd May – Indonesia may have lost 5m hectares of forest cover since moratorium –  The Jakarta Globe

April 2012

26th April – Global calls urge Indonesia to enforce the law and save red apes –  Digital Journal

20th April – Conservation group confiscates orphaned pet orangutan baby –  Digital Journal

19th April – Orangutan Emergency in Indonesia: The Edge of Extinction – Huffington Post

19th April – Walhi, REDD task force fight forest clearing –  The Jakarta Post

18th April – Orangutan rescued from Tripa Peat Swamp area of Aceh Province – Digital Journal

17th April – Indonesia to investigate forest concession – The Jakarta Globe

15th April – Umstrittene Konzession wird geprüft – Palmölfelder im Orang-Utan-Reservat –  TAZ

12th April  Indonesia to investigate contested oil palm concession as governor loses election in Sumatra –

10th April – Orang-Utan Wald steht in Flammen –  Der Spiegel

9th April – Animal rights group responds to permit for palm oil company –  Digital Journal

9th April – Les orangs-outans de Sumatra auront disparu d’ici la fin del’anée – by 7sur7

8th April – Orangutans in danger – The Japan Times

6th April – Habitat sacrificed to warn the world – The Sydney Morning Herald

6th April – Former Aceh Governor denies orang-utans died in burn – The Sydney Morning Herald

5th April – Governor of Aceh who signed palm oil permit: plantation in Tripa “morally wrong” –

5th April – Gerichtsurteil zum indonesischen Regenwald – Orang-Utan-Wald darf weiter brennen – TAZ

4th April – Appeal likely in palm oil dispute – New Castle Herald

4th April – PTUN Judges Distorting The Course of Justice Over Rawa Tripa Case: Walhi Aceh –  Aceh Globe

4th April – Indonesian court backs palm oil company over orangutans and carbon storage – The Sydney Morning Herald

3rd April – Indonesia court refuses to stop development conservationists say threatens orangutans– The Washington Post

1st April – Brände nach Kahlschlag in Indonesien – Flammenmeer im Regenwald – TAZ

March 2012

31st March – Indonesian President Being Petitioned Over Rawa Tripa Case – Aceh Globe

29th March – Orangutan may be wiped out – Warning – The Herald Sun

29th March – Orangutan could perish in weeks – Vancouver Sun

29th March – Fires threaten Sumatran orangutans – Aljazeera

28th March – Todesstoss für die Orang-Utans auf Sumatra – by Aargauer Zeitung

28th March – Orangutans in Indonesia’s Aceh forest may die out in weeks – Reuters UK

28th March – Rare Sumatran orangutans dying as fires rage in Indonesian swamp forest –  The Guardian

28th March – Indonesian fires threaten Sumatran orangutan – Associated Press

28th March – The Tripa peatswamp in Aceh is ablaze – despite the moratorium – REDD-Monitor

27th March – Fires raging in peat forest at center of legal case in Indonesia –

22nd March – Palm oil case against ‘Green Governor’ in Indonesia heats up –

February 2012

28th Feb – Indonesia undersøker brudd på skogavtalen med Norge – Aftenpost

4th Feb – Aceh governor goes from hero to zero – The New Zealand Herald 

January 2012

31st Jan – Rebel hero who has ‘betrayed’ the last of Aceh’s orang-utans – The Independent


December 2011

17th Dec – Indonesia’s ‘green governor’ OKs plan to clear forests that shelter orangutans, tigers, bears– The Washington Post

14th Dec – Ministry to Probe Aceh Forest Clearing Permit – The Jakarta Globe

14th Dec – Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry amends moratorium map and excludes oil palm concession issued in breach of moratorium – REDD-Monitor

9th Dec – Prime Indonesian Jungle To Be Cleared For Palm Oil – The Jakarta Globe

8th Dec – Indonesia’s Aceh breaches forest clearing moratorium –